Monday, April 1, 2019

Butterfly & Pansy Rock

Hand-Painted Butterfly & Pansies Rock

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Hand-Painted Chickadee Birdie Rock for Sale

Hand-Painted Chickadee Bird Rock
by nancymaggielee

A Fairy Picnic Hand-Painted Rock for Sale

A Fairy Picnic Hand-Painted Rock
 by nancymaggielee

A Day at The Races Fairy Rock for Sale

A Day at The Races Fairy Rock
by nancymaggielee

Monday, April 9, 2018

Using Transfer Paper to Design a Rock

There are many methods that you can use to to transfer a design onto a rock that you would like to paint.

One of the ways you can transfer a design onto a rock is by using transfer paper.  Transfer paper is simply a carbon based paper that you can use to trace the design onto your painted background.

If you paint your background a dark color, such as black, you would use a light colored transfer paper to trace your design.

Transfer paper comes in graphite (looks like black) and white, and these are the ones that I have used in my rock designs.  It also comes in yellow, blue and red.

I don't really know what the purpose of the latter three colors is, however, I'm sure yellow transfer paper, being a light color, would work on a black background, just as easily as white.

Once the design is painted on your rock, you are not going to see the tracing lines anyway, so it doesn't really matter what color transfer paper you will use.  The main purpose of the transfer paper is to give you a good outline.

I like to be specific with my instructions, so just to reiterate...

If you paint your background white for instance, then you would use the black transfer paper (graphite) to trace your base design onto your piece.

The opposite is true if you paint your background black, then you would obviously use a light color (white, yellow) transfer paper to get your outline transferred.

I used transfer paper to design quite a few of my rocks.  My dragonfly rock was designed this way, here is a picture below.

Stained Glass Themed Dragonfly Rock

I use the transfer paper method most of the time when I want to paint a stained glass theme.  It works well because the outlines are wide and it's very easy to do.

I am going to paint a stained glass turtle theme onto the rock pictured below.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Hand Painted Angel Rocks

The rocks pictured on this page were hand painted by me and have been sold.  This is just a display of my stained glass themed rocks...

Angel of Peace Stained Glass Themed Rock
by nancymaggielee

Guardian Angel Stained Glass Themed Rock
by nancymaggielee

Garden Angel Stained Glass Themed Rock
by nancymaggielee

You can use a book like this one (affiliate link) to create your own amazing stained
glass art on a rock  I will explain how a book like this can make it easy for you
in the link directly below...

Love Angel Stained Glass Themed Rock
by nancymaggielee

Angel of Mercy Stained Glass Themed Rock
by nancymaggielee

Angel Blessing Stained Glass Themed Rock
by nancymaggielee

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

How To Transfer a Design onto a Rock

Okay, now that you have selected a rock, and hopefully given some thought as to what you would like to paint on the rock, it's time to start transferring your design.  How exciting!

There are a few different methods as to how you can make it easier to paint a beautiful design on your rock.

Transferring designs onto a rock is relatively easy.  You can always paint freehand if you know how to, and painting freestyle might work well for you.

However, if you need a little help, there are at least five ways that I know of to transfer graphics (link to the Graphics Fairy) or flower designs onto a rock.

It will mostly depend on how detailed you want your painting to be and which products you may have access to.

The transfer methods I use are as follows:

1.  Using a stencil design
2.  Transfer a design using black transfer paper
3.  Transfer a design using white transfer paper
4.  Image transfer using Mod Podge or Liquitex
5.  Image transfer using white acrylic paint

(Click the above links to be taken to a seperate page for detailed information on each method.  For a general outline of each method, see below).


A stencil is a great tool to use for many reasons.  Stencils are simply plastic pictures with the openings of the design cut out so you can outline (or paint) your image onto a surface.

You can use the stencil to make a simple outline with a pen, or you can use paint and a stencil brush along with the stencil to get your image transfer.

Theorem stencils are stencils that come in multiple layers that give your designs an extra realistic effect when finished.

You can learn more about theorem stencils at the following link, 'Using a stencil design'.

You can also use a simpler stencil and get a very realistic look to your rock painting.  I used a large stencil like the one pictured below to create my spring flowers garden rock.  


Below is a picture of the rock I made with a large stencil...

Hand-Painted Spring Flowers by nancymaggielee

Learning how to use theorem stencils is a bit more complicated than using a simple stencil, so you may want to try a basic stencil first and move on to theorems later.

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